Top Quality Tabletops

It’s the special touches of flavor that often elevate the most enjoyable of meals.

A side of honey mustard gives chicken tenders a sweet touch of twang. The spicy strawberry jelly spread on a warmed biscuit prickles the palate. A rich, creamy mayonnaise and pickled relish bring together the ingredients of a potato salad in delicious harmony. Sauces, jellies, condiments, and other consumer-facing items provide opportunities for flavor enhancement and customization that consumers crave in their dining experiences. With Sysco’s House Recipe products, operators can deliver consistency, quality and front-of-house flavor that rival the best of national brands.

Customized Convenience

Mustard and ketchup are staples on restaurant tabletops far and wide, familiar flavors known and loved. However, with ever-evolving tastes, the tabletop provides an opportunity for operators to encourage customers to integrate additional flavors into their dishes. Mayonnaise swirled with a few dashes of Sriracha brings an amazing spice complexity to a turkey sandwich. A variety of packaged jams on the table provides griddled pancakes a burst of fresh fruit flavor. Operators also have opportunities throughout the day to take advantage of customization and convenience. With over 130 House Recipe products available, crafted combinations can serve as limited-time offers or add-on ingredients on the menu. Additionally, health-conscious consumers are reaching for lower-sodium sauces and all-natural or organic options, all available in the House Recipe product assortment.
Saucy Stats

Seasoning, sauces and condiments are forecasted to grow $1.47 billion over the next five years.

48% of Millennial consumers prefer to eat meals on-the-go.

Our Brands are Getting a New Look

You may notice that our brands are starting to look different. Driven by a company-wide commitment to more sustainable operations and new FDA regulations on clear and clean labeling, the packaging and branding around our products will soon feature a fresh, new look. Rest assured that no matter what changes on the outside, the quality and consistency you’ve come to rely on will always remain the same.
Unprecedented Quality

House Recipe’s experienced producer network and quality assurance teams ensure products meet or exceed national brand standards – delivering unsurpassed dependability and consistency of flavor. These quality assurance standards run across every aspect of sourcing, production and distribution, so businesses are confident in the items delivered time and time again. House Recipe offers individual serving and portion-controlled packages to reduce costs and waste, making it convenient for customers and profitable for operators. With the products customers crave and the reliability businesses desire, House Recipe is consistently perfect, every time.