Breakfast to-go is gaining ground. About a third of all consumers, including 45 percent of millennials, want meals they can pack and take with them, according to Technomic’s Breakfast Consumer Trend Report. Many breakfast eaters in a hurry are choosing egg sandwiches, grain and protein bowls and juices and smoothies for an easy morning meal. For operators who want to get in on the grab-and-go game, the right packaging can be as important as the right product. Sysco’s Earth Plus, Classic and Trendz paper and plastic to-go containers are a great place to start.

Grab-and-Go Goodies
Sysco’s Baker’s Source line of baked goods offers a variety of tasty morning snacks. Sysco Imperial Yogurt Parfait Muffins can be customized with toppings such as fruit or whipped cream. These thaw-and-serve items save time and labor in the kitchen, and come already packaged in elegant brown paper tulip wrapping.

Smoothies To-Go
Fruit-based juices and smoothies are always popular and convenient to carry. Offer a creamy smoothie like the one shown here, made with grilled pineapple, sweetened with Sysco Classic Honey and thickened with Wholesome Farms Cream. Serve in a convenient to-go cup made by Earth Plus.

A Pie in the Hand
Spanish empanadas make a perfect start to the day. Simply roll out a premade dough and fill it with your choice of meat and vegetables. Fry or bake, and package in grease-resistant Sysco Trendz Sandwich Bags or Earth Plus Microwaveable Boxes, both made from recyclable paper.

Ask your Marketing Associate about Sysco’s assortment of environmentally friendly disposable products.