Consumers are always looking for new, enticing flavors when dining out.

Simple and convenient Asian-inspired ingredients from Sysco’s Jade Mountain brand offer a refreshing and on-trend way to feature Asian elements and fusion-style dishes with endless options for operators to customize to their individual restaurant style.

Southeast Asian staples
Whether you’re building a traditional menu or infusing everyday dishes with Asian flavors, Jade Mountain offers the perfect components. Essential ingredients like soy sauce add depth to your recipes, and Jade Mountain Jasmine Rice is the perfect base or side for authentic dishes. True to Sysco standards, careful attention to traceability and supply chain sourcing is applied to the entire Jade Mountain product line.
Cross-cultural flair

The lines drawn between cuisine styles continue to blur more and more as mash-up dishes become commonplace in a melting pot of New American style restaurants. With over 70 Jade Mountain products to choose from, the possibilities to liven up your menu are vast. Capitalize on the wide appeal of Asian-style light bites like Jade Mountain Edamame Egg Rolls or Potstickers to expand an appetizer menu. Add customizable, fusion-style entrées with options such as lettuce wraps or build-your-own stir-fries, or desserts with an ethnic-twist, like tempura-fried ice cream.

Bowled over
Fitness culture and healthier eating trends are driving demand for menu options like rice and noodle bowls. Build and customize these popular offerings with Jade Mountain’s wide range of base products and seasonings. Take advantage of the availability of fresh spring produce by featuring dishes such as veggie-loaded rice bowls or stir-fries perfectly paired with flavor-packed sauces, like Jade Mountain Teriyaki Sauce or Jade Mountain Thai Chili Sauce.
Go coconuts!
Widely considered a healthy alternative to more traditional ingredients, the number of products containing coconut has risen 21% annually over the last five years.1 Versatile and on-trend, Jade Mountain Coconut Milk can complement dishes across many cuisine styles and menu parts – from a mild Thai soup or Indian curry, to a creamy rice pudding dessert. Boost profitability and easily add global flair to your menu with this up-and-coming recipe staple.