Meet Our New Lineup
Twice a year, Sysco chooses 8 to 12 of the most innovative, on-trend new food products and kitchen tools to showcase under the name Cutting Edge Solutions. Our exclusive agreement means you can order these products from every Sysco OpCo in the U.S.—and only from Sysco—for a full year. Save money, time and labor when you stay on the Cutting Edge.
The Waffle Biscuit Brightens Brunch
During fall and winter months, family and friends gather at cozy restaurants for breakfast, lunch—and that ultra-satisfying combination of the two—brunch. A popular brunch is profitable, but can also cause chaos in the kitchen. If you’re not careful, tickets stack up as servers become stuck in the weeds. But don’t despair, Sysco’s Cutting Edge Solutions has the innovative products you need to get through the rush. For a timesaving brunch entrée, try this crispy fried chicken sandwich with hot honey, made with the Baker’s Source Imperial Waffle Biscuit(pictured). This versatile cross between a waffle and a biscuit takes minutes to thaw and bake. Fill it with anything sweet or savory,  from scrambled eggs and melted mild cheese to strawberries and whipped cream.

Ask your Marketing Associate about these and other exclusive products, available only from Cutting Edge Solutions.