Memphis-Style Pulled Pork Sandwich

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10–11 lb. Butcher’s Block skin-on, bone-in pork butt
½ cup McCormick’s Smokehouse Maple Seasoning
Wood logs of choice (hickory is preferred in Memphis)
Charcoal and wood chip combo (optional)
1 cup Sysco Reliance Barbeque Sauce
8 Block and Barrel Premium Buns
Sliced pickles and coleslaw for serving



To smoke the pork, score the skin side of the shoulder with a knife, cutting through the fat but not the meat. Massage the seasoning into the meat, making sure to include the spaces between the score marks. Wrap the seasoned shoulder in plastic film and refrigerate for at least 24 hours, up to two days. Using a professional smoker, smoke the shoulder at a low temperature (200–250 degrees) for around eight hours. Wrap the finished pork in aluminum foil to rest for a few minutes. Pull the meat apart using your hands or two forks. Toss with the barbecue sauce. (Or, skip these steps and simply warm up 3-4 lb. Block and Barrel Smoked Pulled BBQ Pork).

To make the sandwich, toast the buns, pile on the pulled pork, and top with your favorite pickle slices and coleslaw.