Mahi Mahi, back and stronger than ever

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Diners can rejoice at the return of Mahi Mahi to the menu. Mahi, one of the ocean’s most approachable fish, is popular for its firm flesh, mildly sweet flavor, and versatility in the kitchen. Chef Britney Jerome from Sysco Houston suggested several ways Mahi can be prepared – “I can’t think of a single cooking technique that does not benefit Mahi; dress it up as fish en papillote for a classy presentation, char-grill it for a crowd-favorite barbequed flavor, or prepare in various raw applications such as crudo, ceviche, or aquachile.”

Mahi is an exemplary fish for marinades or dry rubs. The slightly sweet natural flavor is perfectly complimented by tropical fruits, vibrant sauces, and fresh herbs. For being such a lean fish, it eats slightly fatty and easily falls into large, soft flakes. Pairing considerations: fresh pineapple salsas, mango spiked chimichurri and piri piri.  

From white table cloth to red checkered paper trays, Mahi Mahi fulfills an assortment of menu applications while meeting the needs of most diners. Chefs and prep cooks can add this entrée-ready fish option while skipping the fuss and anxiety of skinning, de-boning, and descaling the fish.  Mahi freezes well, making buying individually portioned, frozen products a labor saver, without sacrificing quality.

Today’s consumer grows ever more vigilant when searching for the highest quality of food. Sysco’s industry-leading Quality Assurance team guarantees the quality of all Portico seafood products, whether fresh, frozen at the source, or shipped through one of our specialty seafood companies. Our network of specialty seafood companies provides local expertise and processing to exacting standards for market needs. When serving Mahi Mahi or any other seafood, operators can trust the quality they receive and serve their best with confidence.

TIP: As the Lenten season approaches, more and more consumers will be turning to seafood menu offerings. Now is the perfect time to incorporate Mahi Mahi onto your menus to surprise and delight customers with this flavorful fish. Contact your MA and local Sysco Culinary Team about the best Mahi options for your menu.

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