Sysco Imperial Honey Sriracha Fries

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We paired the fascinating flavor of sriracha with the always-popular taste of honey in our new Sysco Imperial Honey Sriracha French Fries. Capitalize on the rise of the sweet-heat trend and satisfy today’s bold flavor seekers with a true taste of adventure. These fries have a spicy sriracha batter that is balanced with sweet honey notes, giving them a crispy crunch on the outside, a soft potato inside and a hint of spice. Their versatility makes them a great addition to your menu as a side, appetizer or even a sandwich topper!

Features and Benefits

  • Sriracha flavor adds intrigue, which is balanced by the familiar and approachable taste of honey.
  • Sweet-heat product category has grown 6.5% over the last four years.1
  • Spicy-sweet flavor elevates a variety of ingredients, providing menu versatility.
  • Consumer popularity of sriracha has grown up to 400% since 2011.2
  • More than three quarters of casual dining restaurants include some type of spicy food on their menu.2

1. Datassential MenuTrends, June 2016 

2. Datassential Adoption Trend Cycle


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