Keystone Mobile Solids Detergent and Sanitizer

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While kitchen clean up may be nothing new, our Mobile Solids Dispenser is a new way Sysco can make it easier. It uses the perfect amount of detergent and sanitizer every time, eliminating waste and cutting costs. The new design of the dispenser has a no-splash lid so you can fill the sink efficiently without splash-back. The dilution diverter manages the flow seamlessly for accurate dilution. With the no-slip handle mount, you can easily lock the dispenser onto the sink partition and still removes with ease for storage. The no-drip tray catches excess water after each use for a clean and dry space.

Features & Benefits:

  • Performance – solid chemistry specifically formulated for manual warewashing delivers sparkling results
  • Control – dispenses the proper amount of detergent and sanitizer every time, eliminating waste.
  • Consistency – sanitizer dilutes to 150-400 ppm, and is in compliance for Health Department inspections


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