Sysco Imperial Waffle Waffle Fries

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Sysco Imperial Waffle Waffle Fries take sweet potato fries to the next level with a unique waffle batter that is perfect for consumers who enjoy breakfast all day. These fries are cut from orange sweet potatoes and then lightly coated with a waffle batter. The result is a delicious, sweet waffle baked flavor and a tender yet crispy textured product that can be served as is or with unique toppings for multiple menu applications across dayparts.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a unique solution to address the growing all-day breakfast and snacking trends.
  • Appeals to emerging consumer generations (e.g., Millennials) who are looking for new and interesting breakfast, snack and dessert alternatives.
  • Versatile and can be executed in sweet or savory applications.
  • Serve quickly by simply deep frying for a few minutes and adding a prepared topping.
  • Cost per serving is competitive to any breakfast, snack or dessert application, especially when considering the labor savings.
  • Waffle cut, across both sweet and white flesh potatoes, is growing at 10.3%.1 When you combine this with 13% growth in waffle menus over the past 12 months, 2
  • the product is poised to be a winner in the foodservice marketplace.

1. Feb–Apr ’16 (Potato Track)
2. 2015 Technomic Breakfast Consumer Trend Report

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