Sysco Imperial Cooked Beets

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Sysco Imperial Cooked Beets make it easy to add nutritious beets to a menu since they’re ready-to-serve, reducing hours of labor costs and time in the kitchen. Our freshly cooked beets are vacuum-packed and cooked sous-vide to maintain their freshness, making them a tastier and healthier alternative to canned beets.

Features and Benefits

  • Saves time and reduces back of house labor costs.
  • 100% usable product, with no waste.
  • Fully cooked sous-vide in their plastic wrapper, preserving the beets’ nutrients in the container.
  • BPA-free plastic packaging gives beets a long shelf-life.
  • Versatile product adds sweet and earthy flavor and bold color to recipes.
  • Beets are vitamin-rich root vegetables, ideal for plant-based dishes and fresh juices.
  • Fresher and more flavorful alternative to canned beets.
  • +49% menu growth over the last 4 years.1

1. Datassential, MenuTrends, June 2016

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