Gluten-Free Ingredient Substitutions

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The biggest rule of thumb when cooking gluten-free is that you need to base meals around whole foods that are naturally gluten-free, such as meat, chicken or fish, eggs, potatoes or rice, and plenty of fresh vegetables, salad and fruit. However, you always need to be aware of hidden gluten in your ingredients. Below is a quick reference of substitutions for the ingredient containing gluten in your recipe.

(Foods Containing Gluten)
(Gluten-Free Substitutions)
Bread  Gluten-free brown rice tortillas, corn tortillas, gluten-free bread
Breadcrumbs Gluten-free oats, crushed flax or gluten-free fiber cereal
Soy Sauce Wheat-free tamari, liquid aminos
Pie Crust Crushed gluten-free cookies
Pancakes Cornmeal pancakes
Croutons Gluten-free oats, crushed flax or gluten-free fiber cereal
Binders (i.e., flour) Gelatin, xanthan gum, guar gum
Oatmeal Grits, cream of rice
Crackers Rice cakes
Granola Chopped nuts
Roux Cornstarch & water, potatoes