Sysco Gluten-Free Packaging & Labeling

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One of the easiest ways to determine if a product contains gluten is by simply reading the label. Messaging on Sysco labels conveys valuable information at a glance. Some items that may be included on our new packing labels are:

Nutrition information panel

Ingredient statement

Allergen information

Code dating

Handling, storage and distribution information

Product description

Recently, we introduced new packaging and label designs for all Sysco Traditional Brand products (Supreme, Imperial, Classic, Reliance). The redesign will continue to roll-out through our other brands and provide additional information in a cleaner format. The improvements include:

Enhanced display of nutritional facts:
Nutrition fact panels are formatted to improve visibility and readability by using the largest practical format.

Standardized placement of claims and nutritional information:
All claims, such as zero trans fat or low sodium, are formatted and positioned consistently across products.

Bilingual labels:
All components of the package labeling are presented in both English and Spanish.

Digital workflow process:
We require suppliers to use the same central source for packaging and labeling artwork to provide greater consistency in data, formatting and appearance, and improved speed to market.

Learn more about our Gluten-Free standards on page 5 here