Spotlight: Salad Dressing

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According to Technomic, since 2009, salads have become the #1 menued item in foodservice, surpassing sandwiches and burgers and increasing the need for broader salad dressing options.

Sysco has always prided itself on carrying a wide variety of flavor profiles in salad dressings, and our new assortment makes it even easier for you to select the items that amplify your menu and suit your customers’ tastes. We maintain over 100 flavor varieties, and tailor our flavor offerings based on emerging market and consumer trends. Trending right now are healthier options, Asian flavors, and fruit flavors.

Most important to customers is the dressing flavor. Topping the list of favorite flavors is Ranch, which is used for more than just salad dressing, it is also a condiment of choice for younger generations.

Sysco offers quality tiers to meet all of our customers’ needs. Our Sysco Imperial brand is a refrigerated, high-quality alternative to scratch-made dressings. Our Sysco Classic strikes an ideal balance between quality and value and Sysco Reliance delivers the highest value to customers seeking to minimize costs. We also offer dry dressing products that deliver exceptional value.