Specialty Seafood

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With the seafood category steadily on the rise, a profitable item to add to your menu is tuna. It’s one of the most widely consumed fish products in the U.S., and it’s convenient, tasty and inexpensive. Tuna is also a great source of protein and omega-3’s, satisfying another patron demand… healthier menu offerings.

Our Sysco International line of quality imported tuna products is naturally rich in flavor with tender textures and is a prime example of the superior seafood offered at Sysco. All of our tuna meets or exceeds government standards and regulations, and is packed following dolphin safe practices. Available in canned or pouch pack varieties including albacore, skipjack, yellow fin and tongol, our tuna is high quality, competitively priced, safe and sustainable.

Albacore Tuna Bellies (Ventresca de Bonito del Norte en Aceite de Oliva) Imported from Spain, our Frinsa brand albacore tuna bellies are buttery and tender fillets that are often regarded as the best cuts of tuna. It is a very small section of the fish, making it very rare.

Our premium anchovies are salt cured and packed in olive oil to preserve their delicate flavor. They can be used as a garnish for Caesar Salad, or a favorite pizza topping to add a salty treat from the sea. Sysco International offers a variety of anchovy styles and pack sizes for your convenience.

For a nutritious seafood option, Sysco offers supreme sardines. This family of small fish takes its name from the Isle of Sardinia, where they were once commonly found. Sardines are a good source of protein and often used in dishes to add a depth of flavor. Sysco International offers boneless and skinless sardines, oil packed from Portugal.

Sysco Imperial baby clams are shelled, cooked, and canned in the South Pacific. These tender, flavorful, light-colored clams are ready to use in linguini with clam sauce, clam and seafood chowders, or to flavor dips.

Enjoyed as far back as early Rome, escargot is riding a crest of renewed popularity. The French lend centuries of expertise to the production of escargot. Through expert sizing, trimming, seasoning, and preparation, these Asian snails are transformed into a superb product. Sysco International offers prime choices in escargot, as well as escargot shells. Escargot shells are used for traditional preparation of escargot. Place a dollop of escargot butter inside the shell, insert the snail, then fi ll with escargot butter and bake for an exquisite dish.

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