Quick Guide for Great Garlic Bread

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A staple of Italian-American restaurant meals, garlic bread is made by spreading garlic butter on both sides of Italian or French bread slices and heated in the oven.

The secret to garlic bread that’s neither too greasy nor too dry is having the correct proportion of butter to bread. Adjust the amount of garlic butter according to the size of the loaf of bread.

Creating a compound butter for garlic bread is one way to keep the flavor consistent every time. Compound butter is made by whipping butter with flavoring, then reforming it, usually in plastic wrap or parchment paper, and chilling until it is firm enough to be sliced. The mixture can be pre-measured and stored in the precise amount needed for each serving.

Garlic bread is traditionally broiled, baked or toasted. It can also be grilled to achieve the perfect balance of a crispy outside and soft warm inside. Place bread start with butter side down on a grill until lightly golden. Turn each slice over and sprinkle with any added garnish such as herbs or cheese, grill for an additional 20 seconds.

Traditionally, garlic bread is made with butter, but olive oil can be used instead. When using fresh garlic, mash it into a paste to ensure even distribution of flavor. Fresh herbs like oregano and parsley and a spice like paprika can be added for flavor. Try grated Parmesan, asiago or mozzarella cheese melted over top can turn any humble garlic bread into a masterpiece.