Pizza Sauce

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When it comes to pizza sauce, things can get personal. Whether traditional or unique, the independent chef can choose the sauce that best fits their operation. Pre-made pizza sauce, or starting from scratch with Sysco’s line of canned tomatoes… the choice is yours! Sysco tomato sauces are both ready-made to be used from the can, or they can be customized with herbs, spices, oils and other flavor sources.

Sauce talk
Arrezzio pizza sauces are made from vine-ripened, fresh California tomatoes. Tomatoes are crushed to the perfect consistency for spreadable pizza sauce. Most Arrezzio pizza sauces are fully prepared with oils and spices already added, making them ready to use straight out of the can. Using a 1/2 cup measure, one can of sauce can yield up to 26 pizzas… that’s 156 pizzas with just one case!

Canned tomatoes and sauce
Sysco’s wide range of canned tomato sauce has the variety to meet any operator’s needs. From crushed to concentrated, strips to dices, you’re sure to find the right product in our line. And don’t forget the following options for specialty pizzas:

> Red sauce for traditional pizzas, including zesty, Italian or traditional

> Alfredo sauce for white or chicken pizzas

> Alternative flavors include barbecue, steak sauce, salsa or taco sauce

As with all products, our canned tomato sauces are subject to Sysco’s stringent Quality Assurance guidelines. Select brands participate in our Lot Set Aside program, which allows for the continual assessment of the tomatoes selected for our canned sauces to ensure they meet our high quality standards.


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