Picking the Perfect Sandwich Bread

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A crucial component to making a sandwich exceptional is often the bread. Sysco offers a wide variety of thaw and serve bread that tastes like it’s just out of the oven when thawed. Frozen bread can be stored in the freezer up to nine months or up to five days at room temperature. Our vast selection includes essential buns, hoagies, garlic bread, specialty breads, rolls and more that can serve as the building blocks for your sandwiches.

Here are a few general guidelines to follow when it’s time to make your sandwich bread election…

> Choose simple, thinner breads when using fewer ingredients or for an open-faced style sandwich.

> Crunchy breads work better with saucier sandwiches.

> Use a soft roll for fillings like chicken salad as they tend to spill out of hard breads.

> Pick appropriately flavored bread for your sandwich.

> Try to keep cheese away from the bread in your sandwich layers. The cheese can get absorbed into the bread and mute the flavor.

> Thicker meats will hold up better with crunchier breads.


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