Get Your Slice of the Pie

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When it comes to dessert menus, pies are a must, especially during the holidays. While many customers love to indulge in a sweet treat after a big meal, “I’m full” is a comment heard too often when taking a dessert order. Technomic research found that one in five patrons are more likely to get a dessert from another location or at home after a meal, instead of the restaurant where they are dining. That’s why Sysco offers Desserts To Go, giving our operators an opportunity to capture this missed opportunity.

Take-home pies are a proven way to capture add-on sales. Sysco offers free support materials like dessert boxes and label stickers, for writing names and flavors. See your Marketing Associate for more details. Make Desserts To Go your own profitable holiday tradition using Sysco’s quality certified pies.

Another great way to increase check size is to serve pie with special coffees or beverages for an added cost, or you can dress up your pie offerings to add value. Some examples are:

> Top it with chocolate sauce or a flavored whipped cream

> Create a crunchy topping with chopped nuts, coconut and butter

> Serve your pie “a` la mode” by adding a scoop of ice cream

> Pipe marshmallow onto the top and place under a broiler to brown the top

Another great sales booster for desserts is to put them on display. 54% of restaurant goers agree that they would be more likely to order dessert at restaurants if they can see the dessert.*


*Technomic, Inc. 2012