Game Time = Pizza Time

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What’s more quintessential to game-time grub than pizza? The easiest thing for people to do is stop by a pizza parlor and pick up a pie on their way to a tailgate party. Sysco pizza cheese will add flavor, color, texture and appetizing appearance to your pizza options. We offer cheese in both bulk and shredded varieties, giving operators the flexibility to choose what’s best for their menu. Shreds offer 100% usage with greater coverage and yield, helping to reduce prep time. Bulk cheese offers more flexibility, allowing for varied shred sizes, and also providing the opportunity for slices or chunks to use in other recipes.

Some of Sysco’s pizza cheese varieties:

> mozzarella
The most popular type of cheese on pizza, mozzarella provides great flavor, stretch and coverage.

> whole-milk mozzarella rich, creamy texture with outstanding stretch, firm bite and great flavor

> part skim mozzarellarich, creamy texture but with less flavor and less oiling off

> mozzarella blends
Sysco has a wide array of mozzarella blends to help you create the flavor profile you desire from authentic Italian pizza to colorful Mexican pizza

> mozzarella & cheddargreat for Mexican pizza or to add a little more color to your pizza

> parmesan & romanogreat finishers to sprinkle on last; add tangy flavor and aid in browning

> provolone
Like mozzarella, but with a bit more flavor.