From Field to Fork: Sysco Produce is Quality Assured

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As the leading supplier of fresh produce in North America, Sysco is dedicated to the discipline of food freshness and safety – and it shows. We start with the foodservice industry’s largest team of highly qualified quality assurance professionals and technical services experts and partner them with industry leading like-minded suppliers. Together, we utilize a unique and exacting quality control regimen to ensure the highest standards from field to fork. Every produce item Sysco offers follows rigid specifications that are:

> Equal to or more stringent than USDA standards

> Monitored daily by both the producers and by our personnel, both in the fields and processing plants

> Packed to order, harvested in early morning with expedited shipping timelines to ensure maximum shelf life and product performance

> No preservatives – 100% natural Any Ready to Eat (RTE) produce must adhere to the following:

> Each grower has to have an approved GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) audit for each farm used to supply Sysco Operating Companies

> Audits must be uploaded into Sysco GAP database

> Traceability must be put on all Sysco branded master containers

> Meet specific water quality, crop applications and equipment sanitation standards

> Follow verifiable recall protocols