Fresh and Local

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One of Sysco’s founding principles is that aggregating foodservice purchasing and distribution across multiple markets creates efficiencies to benefit both the company and our customers. Many assume this means only doing business with companies capable of feeding Sysco’s entire supply chain, leaving little-to-no room for local farmers and specialty producers to thrive.

Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Supporting local farmers and producers has always been a part of Sysco’s business model. This has allowed Sysco to deliver the freshest products to our customers while contributing to the success of local farms, niche producers and the communities in which we live, work, play and dine.

FreshPoint, for example, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sysco Corporation and the largest distributor of fresh produce in North America. It is strategically positioned to provide all our regional markets with local, seasonal produce that is harvested and delivered at the peak of freshness.

Sysco and FreshPoint currently do business with more than 2,000 local growers who share the same dedication as we do to delivering the best products possible. And, local farmers, like all of our vendors, are required to pass a series of checks and balances to ensure quality, consistency and food safety.

At Sysco, providing our customers with the highest quality products and supplies in the marketplace is our uppermost priority. This has allowed us to become a nationally recognized force in the foodservice industry while advocating for farmers and niche producers at the local level. And that’s a fresh point of view you just won’t find anywhere else.