Food for the Soul

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Chicken and waffles are best known for being a soul food tradition, often being eaten for a special occasion as a decadent entrée. However, this southern delicacy happens to be a fantastic option for brunch, as it perfectly combines sweet and savory flavors. It’s operator’s choice whether you make it with bone-in or bone-out chicken, but one way to save time on this dish is to use Sysco chicken tenders, available in different quality tiers for maximum applications. Ask your Sysco Associate for more information.

BEST – Whole Muscle Tenders
A premium offering made from whole muscle and available in a variety of breading profiles.

BETTER – Select Cut Tenders
Made from multiple whole muscle pieces, these are great for kid’s menus with consistent size for easy portioning.

GOOD – Chopped & Formed Tenders
White and/or dark meat tenders that are perfect for economy uses like in schools and healthcare operations.