All About Lettuce

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Premium quality, freshness and variety. At Sysco, we work with only the best producers to provide you with superior lettuce for all of your needs. From iceberg for sandwiches to artisan petite tango green leaf, we’ve got you covered. Packed in the fi eld and never processed, each is carefully selected to ensure peak flavor, texture, freshness and quality. No other private label produce distributor highlights their organization’s name on the box like Sysco does. There is a reason for that!

Iceberg – Easily recognized for its soft green sphere shape and mild flavor. Sysco palletized lettuce is packed 24-count whole heads with consistent size and weight. Further processed 24-count whole head trimmed and bagged iceberg is another popular food service option.

Red and green leaf – With a mild taste and a nice crunch, red and green leaf lettuce makes any salad instantly more colorful. We also offer artisan leaf lettuces and blends including petite oak, petite gem and petite tango.

Romaine – Our romaine lettuce comes in traditional 24-count heads, hearts or crowns, washed, trimmed and ready for use. Romaine provides great versatility and can be used in salads, sandwiches or a crunchy garnish for entrées.


Salad Trends

With high profitability potential and faster preparation, there are many benefits to expanding your menu to include additional salad options:

> As some consumers see salads as side dishes, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth, particularly with entrée salads that include protein.

> With endless options, salads can be featured year-round, and adding seasonal touches will increase perceived value and appeal.