Pickling Primer

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“Pickling,” also known as “brining,” is one of the oldest food preservation techniques and was used in various cultures dating back almost 5,000 years. Since its origin, pickling has continued to evolve.

While cucumbers used to be the most common vegetable to pickle, almost any vegetable can be pickled including asparagus, carrots, beets, garlic, green beans, mushrooms and tomatoes. Hot peppers can be pickled on their own or easily added to other vegetables for a spicier taste. Fresh herbs such as dill, cilantro or rosemary are also great additions for different flavor profiles. Tangy pickled vegetables can be chopped and added to tuna salad, used to top hot dogs or put into sandwiches. Or they can also be added to an appetizer platter or served as a side dish.

But don’t stop there. Fruits also taste great pickled, and summer is the perfect season to do it. Try pickling peaches, plums, pears and more for a sweet and sour entrée topper for chicken or seafood, or as part of a cheese plate appetizer or use it to top off a favorite dessert.