Go Green for Breakfast

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With some staple ingredients, there’s a world of opportunity for creating delicious and inviting vegetarian-friendly breakfast dishes. Incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, grains (amaranth, buckwheat, corn grits, millet, quinoa), beans, corn tortillas and nut butters. Make use of ethnic seasonings and spices to add flavor to dishes. And, try seeking out meat-alternatives like tofu, tempeh, and vegetarian sausage and bacon.

Here are eight delicious ideas:

1. Prepare a breakfast cereal with any of the above grains, almond milk, dried fruits, toasted nuts, honey and cinnamon.

2. Make shakshuka, a dish made of poached eggs in a tomato sauce, chile peppers and onions. Look it up!

3. Broil a portobello mushroom stuffed with scrambled tofu, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, onions and garlic (1 ounce of mashed tofu replaces 1 egg).

4. Prepare a lentil, kale and tomato hash and serve either with or without a poached egg.

5. Try an open-faced avocado, tomato & Cheddar cheese melt with fresh cracked pepper and chives.

6. Pack fruits and veggies into a smoothie, then sprinkle with flaxseeds or chia seeds.

7. Fill savory crepes with roasted veggies.

8. Make breakfast burritos, soft tacos or tostadas with nopales (cactus), scrambled eggs, black beans, chile peppers, tomatoes, scallions and queso.