The Evolution of Grilled Cheese

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Grilled cheese began as a quick sandwich for military cooks to serve during World War II. In later years, the sandwich became an easy meal for the “maid-less host” to prepare. Today, grilled cheese has evolved into its own culinary genre and is making quite an impact in the food industry. No longer is it just a couple slices of bread with melted American cheese inside. There are entire restaurants popping up that are dedicated to this warm and gooey sandwich!

We all know that its namesake is the most important part of this sandwich… the cheese. For a truly unique grilled cheese, the key is to not pigeonhole yourself into traditional cheese choices; and don’t forget to mix and match. Gouda and Cheddar, sharp yellow and white Cheddar, or pepper Jack and blue cheese are all excellent combinations. But with cheese, there really is no bad combo, the more the better!

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