Bone up on Chicken

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Bone-in chicken is a reoccurring trend that’s headed back to the market. Recently, boneless chicken has remained on the top of chicken trend lists; however, with taste and texture becoming a higher priority to diners, bone-in chicken popularity will continue to rise. When offering your guests meat on the bone products, be sure to let them know of the many benefits that come with it. The principal result of cooking bone-in chicken is its effect on the flavor and texture of the meat. When cooked, the bones will release gelatin, which adds substance to stews, stocks, soups and sauces. The bone also serves as a heat conductor ensuring the meat cooks evenly and prevents shrinkage, as well as protects it from drying out. Without the necessity of filleting, bone-in chicken is faster to prepare. As a result, chicken on the bone has a better value for you, and often a better presentation for your customers.

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