Coming Up Roses

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Rose water has been a popular flavoring for centuries in the cuisines of the Middle East, India and China. It’s a distillation of rose petals that has the intense perfumy flavor and fragrance of its source. Of similar taste, is rose syrup, which is made from rose water, but with the addition of sugar. Drizzle rosewater and rose syrup on items like yogurt, ice cream, waffles or oatmeal, or use them to add a unique flowery hint to beverages. Cool down with these ethnic-inspired rose water summer refreshers.

Turkish Delight– vanilla-flavored vodka, rosewater, grenadine syrup, white curacao, Turkish Delight candies for accent

Rosewater Gin Fizz – gin, fresh lemon juice, rosewater, simple syrup, egg whites, club soda, bitters

Rosy Iced Tea – sugar, rosewater, black tea leaves, green cardamom pod, ice

Rose Slushie – tequila, raspberry liqueur, lime, ice cubes, rose syrup, sugar for rim

Falooda Float – pistachio ice cream, rose syrup, milk, falooda or rice noodles, basil seeds