Charcuterie, Pate & more

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“Charcuterie” is the French word for the art of preparing meat, poultry, or game into galantines, pate, mousses or sausages. Originally, charcuterie was created to help preserve meats before the invention of refrigeration; it is used today to enhance flavors derived from the charcuterie process. Sysco International preserves this traditional art with a full line of charcuterie products prepared in the traditional French style.

Foie Gras

Foie Gras is a popular delicacy in French cuisine. With a rich, buttery, and delicate flavor, Foie Gras is used to accompany many dishes and is highly valued within French culture. Sysco International offers a variety of Foie Gras.


Rillettes is a preparation of meat similar to the pate. Rillettes are traditionally made with pork, but are also made with goose, duck, chicken, game birds and fish such as tuna or salmon.


Sysco International offers a delicious collection of pate in 7 ounces to 6.5 pound loaves, each garnished and glazed to perfection. You’ll find a variety of classic preparations, as well as game and seafood selections. Extra fine pates are the standard in French charcuterie. The coarse ground pate maison has the finest old-world flavor. Goose liver products are heated just to the point of pasteurization, allowing these “semi-cooked” products to retain their subtle, incredible flavor, and also extend shelf life.

Fabrique` Delice`s

A traditional charcuterie company in Hayward, California, Fabrique` Delice`s has been practicing the art of French charcuterie for over 25 years. Using minimal equipment to help grind and mix ingredients, most of the preparation and processing is done my hand. Their products are used in some of the finest gourmet stores and by the finest chefs all over Europe. Recognized for their outstanding and consistent quality, Fabrique` Delice`s follows a traditional, artisinal process, but they strive to invent new products and continue to make all of their meats into unique and eye-catching presentations.


Our specialty sausage boasts a wide variety of prime cut meats. Try selections like our Chorizo Sausage or Cured Duck Salami; or the Rabbit Sausage with Prunes or Wild Boar Sausage with Apples and Cranberries, both infused with fruit.


Sysco International offers several types of mousse including Smoked Salmon and Spinach Mousse, Smoked Salmon Mousse, and Truffle Mousse. As with many of our meat selections, we offer a pork free mousse option too.


For a collection of prime specialty meats, Sysco International offers the highest quality products. Our specialty meats include several special cuts of Duck, Chicken and Saucisson Sec, a dried French Salami. We also offer rendered duck fat that may be used for cooking.

Truffle Butter

Truffle butter is made with 100% French butter and is a great accompaniment to fish, lobster, pastas, and red meats. It can even be added to mashed potatoes or steamed and sautéed vegetables to bring out a new level of flavor.