Add Value to Your Produce!

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One way to evaluate costs and add value to your produce is by purchasing pre-cut fruits and vegetables. Doing so drives labor costs upstream to the supplier. This provides focus on cost-peruse rather than cost-per-case. Consider the actual cost of a dish once you factor in labor and materials. Value-added produce reduces cost while increasing yield. Benefits of Value-Added Produce:

> Convenience – triple washed and ready to eat
> 100% useable produce and increased yields = no guess work
> Consistent product and uniformity
> Year-round supply
> Reduces injury in the kitchen
> Reduced necessary storage space
> Controlled food-cost portioning as well as fixed menu costs
> Food safety – HACCP facilities
> Safer and cleaner coolers
> Easier to inspect for quality – the bag is a window to the inside
> Better inventory management
> Reduced waste/disposal costs
> Allows re-allocation of labor
> Increases Revenue!