The Traveling Sandwich

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Bring worldly flavors to signature sandwiches by globetrotting for ethnic ingredients.

Here’s some inspiration:

Spain – Bocadillo de Tortilla de Patata
A delicious breakfast sandwich that includes a hash brown omelet in baguette style bread.

France – Croque Monsieur
A grilled cheese with European flair, just add ham and egg for a bountiful brunch.

Portugal – Francesinha
A roasted meat sandwich usually made with ham, sausage, or steak that’s drenched in a cheesy tomato and beer sauce.

Vietnamese – Banh Mi
Meat and pickled veggies stuff ed into a baguette and sprinkled with cilantro.

Mexico – Cemita
A sesame roll filled with hearty fried beef, slices of avocado, marinated onion, cheese and papalo.

Finland – Porilainen
Two slices of toasted bread hold a burger, onion, pickles, ketchup and a thick slice of sausage.

Japan – Yakisoba
A baguette filled with yakisoba, which are noodles fried with a sauce reminiscent of Worcestershire.

Sweden – Smorgastarta
More like a cake than a sandwich, buttery layers and creamy fillings of pâté, smoked salmon, caviar and cold cuts are intermixed with layers of white or rye bread.