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These fruits are among the world’s oldest cultivated foods. As mankind moved his civilization westward around the Mediterranean, he brought the olive to provide fruit, edible oil and lamp fuel. We offer of Greek and Spanish variations grown in some of the world’s finest regions.

Giant Sicilian Olives
These California-grown fruits are pickled and packed in accordance with centuries-old Sicilian traditions.

Greek Black Olives
Our Greek Black Olives are grown throughout the countryside of Greece. Dark purple to black in color, these ripe fruits are picked and brined with salt, vinegar and olive-oil, giving them a flavor profile that is known throughout the world.

Spanish Olives
Sysco Spanish Queen and Manzanilla Olives are grown in the Seville region of Spain. This area has long been known for the world’s finest table olives.

Greek Kalamata Olives
This Greek-grown fruit has characteristics that set it apart from other olives. It has an oval shape, a rich velvety purple color, possesses a distinct bacon-like flavor and has a firm consistency. It is considered by many to be the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean.