Legumes and Beans

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Beans are often admired for their versatility. Packed full of nutrients, beans can be added to salads, soups, side dishes, and can even be mixed into your main entree. The choices you have for using beans while cooking are endless. Sysco International enhances your cooking with the vast collection of beans and legumes we import for our customers.

Specialty Beans

Sysco offers an assortment of imported beans. Whether you are looking for something unique like flageolets from France or adzuki beans from Asia, or a more classic option such as cannellini or French navy beans, you’ll find something that’s a perfect fit in our wide selection.

Specialty Legumes

Christmas Lima For an old-fashioned traditional legume, try the Christmas lima. This legume was forced out of popularity about 70 years ago due to a low-crop yield. Its chestnut flavor is now in demand and is especially suitable added into stuffing.


Lentils are a legume that, like the bean, are members of the pulse family. Lentils have a very high protein content and are adaptable to many recipes. Serve them in soups, stews, pure`ed, in salads or as a side. Lentils need no presoaking and are quick cooking; split lentils cook in as little as 15 minutes. Sysco International has lentils in several varieties.